Friday, July 30, 2010

I know I know Another Blog baaaaahhh!

As if I have time for another blog, I just couldn't help myself. This blog will be for my crafts and cards. I will be sharing my creations and hopefully inspiration for those out there that just give a darn.If you don't then don't follow it's as simple as that,LOL!
Now how about that blog name. Do you like it? I think it suits me to a t hahaha! I will also be having giveaways. Yes I said giveaways. Got your attention now huh? Anywho, periodically I will share some of my findings but you will just have to follow along if you want to see what fantabulous things I come up with.
Also on my sidebar is the link to my personal blog. It may be something you are interested in and it may not. Like I said before, if you just don't give a darn then don't follow lol!
With all that being said I will wrap this post up. I will TTYS.

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